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What is No Trolls Allowed?

Have you ever been in a place where you can build an actual rocket, learn to make cheese and do a yoga class all at once? Well, NTA is the place.

No Trolls Allowed is an annual open-air hacker camp where hobbies and arts meet technology and awesomeness. It does not matter if you are a programmer, a traveler, a chef, a musician or an astronaut — we will find a spot for you. As far as we see it, everyone is a hacker.

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Why a hacker camp?



noun: hacker; plural noun: hackers

  1. a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.
  2. a person who uses nonconventional methods or tools to achieve something awesome.

For us, a hacker isn’t this dangerous computer geek. A true hacker is someone who is crazy enough to try change the regular. We believe everyone’s got this superpower whether in tech, science or arts. So if you do something unusual and can share it with others, NTA is just the place for you.

How to participate?

As No Trolls Allowed name suggests, trolls are not welcome here, which means that in order to join the event you have to bring something in. Your ticket to the camp is your participation in any of these forms:


Do a presentation

Share something you are passionate about with others. Whether it’s a success story of constructing your own AI robot or advice on the best wild camping destinations.


Do a workshop

Pass on your wisdom by involving everyone in a hands-on activity. From arts like drawing or karate to technology like rockets or space dogs. The crazier, the better!



Join our awesome crew to help us make sure the event goes smoothly. From hosting the speakers to taking care of campsite infrastructure. Volunteering comes with cool perks!

Where the magic happens

Campground Pusiasalis by the Skaistis lake, near Trakai town.

  • 10 km from Trakai
  • 25 km from Vilnius
  • 90 km from Kaunas
  • 54.657602, 24.984814