A cautionary tale about configuration management

Speaker Martynas Buivys  
Language EN
Stage Digital
Activity Presentation

It's the start of a new quarter, Jane & John are members of the team responsible for the web servers. Their service is successful, more and more teams want to onboard and start using their service. Success!

However the webserver configs are growing in complexity and operational load. Customers have to edit the configs and then ping someone on the webserver team to deploy the new configs.

Jane, the TLM, asks John to automate the generation of their webserver configs. Rather than editing the web server configuration files, engineers will specify the high level intent and a generator will produce the configs. This removes duplication and leads to consistent configs, which in turn makes it easier to manage the service.

How will John design the new system?

Requirements for attendees

Experience with using version control systems, developing web services, and using databases.