Noob jam

Speaker Andrius Palivonas  
Language EN
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Activity Workshop

TL;DR : I'll be guiding a 3-4 people jam with very simple rhythm guitar, lead guitar parts (electric) and a couple djembe drums and explain a bit of music theory behind it. Aimed at beginners.

Long version

Profesionally I'm a software engineer. I'm also a beginner musician (90% of the skill being guitar) who knows some music theory and enjoys jamming with other people. I'd like to share what I've learned so far using this simple jam format and believe it will be fun (even if not new) for anyone from complete noobs to intermediate players. Will explain a tiny bit of theory on keys and scales which make those rhythm and lead parts work.

Instruments will be provided: 2-3 guitars (at least one of them electric), two djembe drums. Maaaybe something more, like a tambourine or maracas.

For experienced players

(cause there will definitely be some at NTA)

Feel free to join and help me make this even more interesting for the beginners. More advanced jamming is also much welcomed later.

Requirements for attendees

Previous experience playing guitar not necessary, but basic mechanical skills would help (the kind you learn in one or two sittings) - pressing some simple chords, notes and strumming/picking them.

Will also need djembe drum players - experience not required.