Mindfulness meditation

Speaker Osvaldas Grigas  
Language LT
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Activity Workshop

Training one's mind to pay attention to present-moment experiences (aka. "mindfulness") has well-documented psychological benefits and therapeutic applications like reducing anxiety and stress, improving executive function, treating addiction, etc. The science behind it will be covered by some of the camp's presentations.

However, theory alone is not enough to reap those benefits. It really takes time and practice, which is what this workshop is about. After having practiced mindfulness meditation for half a year, only 10 minutes a day, I've found, as many people have, that it does work and, among other things, helps me be a nicer person and generally feel a bit happier.

During this workshop, you will try out the most straightforward, down-to-earth meditation technique based on vipassanā practice, learning to pay close attention to breath, aural/visual/tactile sensations, thoughts and moods.