Sleep hacking

Speaker Paulius Lukas Katauskas  
Language LT
Stage Analog By Tesonet
Activity Presentation

Getting high quality sleep is crucial for optimizing health and productivity, unfortunately many of us are either unaware of this fact or simply get confused because of the vast amount of research and information that is out there regarding this topic. My presentation will be valuable to many, because I have struggled with insomnia most of my life, but since making some of the changes that I will be discussing during my presentation my sleep quality has improved massively. I am in no way affiliated with any of the products that I will be mentioning, which makes my intention - helping you improve your sleep - clear.

Here are the main topics of my talk:

  • sleep tracking devices and how they can help you figure out if you are getting high quality sleep and which factors contribute to improvements to your sleep quality
  • meditation
  • white noise
  • comparison of blue light blocking glasses that are on the market
  • how to optimize the temperature in which you sleep
  • blackout curtains
  • sleeping masks
  • earplugs
  • supplementation