Creative copywriting: how to increase sales by using words that move your customers

Speaker Haroldas Pakalniškis  
Language EN
Stage /dev/random
Activity Presentation

Let’s get acquainted, first. My name is Haroldas Pakalniskis. I am a copywriter & a marketer that runs Black Citrus Marketing, a creative writing shop. People trust me to come up with attention-grabbing branding ideas & out-of-the-ordinary marketing concepts for brands of all shapes and sizes. This job of mine is written salesmanship - I use words to increase the sales of my clients' products. However, what I'm seeing here in Lithuania is that many startups are missing out on their potential by not utilising copywriting. Even worse, many haven't even heard of such practice. Thus, I'd like to give a keynote in which I would present copywriting as it is - as written salesmanship - then, teach the audience the basics of copywriting and provide them with killer copywriting examples.