About No Trolls Allowed

No Trolls Allowed is an open-air gathering of hobbies, arts and technology that welcomes hackers of any nature. Imagine hundreds of passionate people gathering in the woods to share their knowledge and their joy of discovery.


The camp is free in every sense of the word: from free drinks and food to freedom of speech. However, as the name suggests, we aren’t very fond of trolls, which means you have to bring something in. That being said, your ticket to the camp is your participation. The good news is that the form of participation is entirely up to you, so feel free to choose one of the following:

  • Do a presentation. It’s the key of the entire gathering, presentations take place on three different stages for three days. You`ll have an opportunity to choose the most convenient time and stage for you if the slot is not taken yet (the earlier you come to the camp, the more chances you have). Just remember, you are here to share your passion and awesome things you know, so we ask you not to talk about boring job stuff you do every day and definitely no commercial presentations.
  • Do a workshop. Whether it’s related to art — drawing, dancing or karate, or to technology — rockets, genetically engineered monsters or space dogs, you’re very welcome to go nuts here. Workshops can be done by several people, so take a friend and do something awesome!
  • Volunteer. By joining our awesome crew you receive a bunch of cool perks but at the same time it’s important not to forget that where there’s power, there’s also responsibility.

If you’re wondering whether the camp welcomes international guests as well, no worries. We are a global community and open to those who want to share something they love in a presentation or a workshop in any language (of course English is preferred). And even though the majority of presentations are in Lithuanian, our experience shows that it’s easy for most to switch to English for Q&A and/or discussion.

Short history of No Trolls Allowed

It all started in the Spring of 2013. A group of like-minds had an idea to get together somewhere in the nature in a summer time. To make this time even more useful, at the same time everyone could prepare presentations to tell each other something interesting. Then why not invite more people? Good idea, but.. how to make sure not only listeners gather and we have enough speakers? Well, this is how the main rule of NTA came up — every participant of the event has to prepare a presentation that would be interesting to others.

How did the first event go? It took place near Moletai, 70 people participated, 38 presentations were made, other fun stuff like beer brewing also happened. Positive comments from the participants made us think about the following year.

So in 2014 already 300 people participated and there were over 100 presentations. Plus, there were such cool workshops as soldering, programming, creation of LEGO robots, board-games, etc.

In 2015 NTA became a real hacker camp.

In 2016 for the first time a team of volunteers was formed to help us supervise the fast-growing event!

In the following years the event grew even bigger. For the past few years the number of participants exceeded 400!

What’s next? Come and see for yourself!

If you have any other questions, just drop us a line at hi@notrollsallowed.com or say Hi on Facebook.